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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Whew! Blogging early tonight because I don't know how long I'm going to be able to stay up for! I think I'm fighting off a cold - I've been a little stuffy and tired all day, and want to keep it at bay so may call it a night early. Not very exciting - I'm sorry!
We'll rewind to the beginning, though...

Breakfast was a slight change of pace but not too unusual - toasted WW english muffin with blueberry "jam", greek yogurt, orange, and wheat germ. This is the last of our blueberries and I accidentally nuked them for too long, so they turned to soup, since they had some frost stuck to them. It was the consistency of jelly or preserves and it just clicked that I might as well top my english muffin with that rather than the apricot preserves I'd pulled out! haha.

Nothing exciting, but I was craving an english muffin. I really want to try the Ezekiel kind, though! Next time I'm at Price Chopper :)

Green Mountain Coffee = Love
This is the best coffee ever! Green Moountain is handsdown my favorite :) I'm so glad I was given a converter k-cup thing so I can still used bagged coffee for my Keurig, because I was given two bags of this! What's your favorite kind of coffee?
Work was kind of slow today, but I'm not complaining. I was pooped! Of course, that probably helped to make me more tired :\ I did try a new Clif Z-Bar flavor today; Chocolate Brownie. It's good as a dessert bar, but I'm not a big chocolate fan to begin with [which, begs the question, why did I buy chocolate brownie flavor anyway?] and it was just too chocolatey for me. I can't fault them though, since they are geared towards kids; I can see it being  hit with them, but reassuring to parents since they're actually giving their kids a healthy snack that just tastes like they're giving them a candy bar! I may see if my boss wants them for his kids. I much prefer their other flavors, like Blueberry, Honey-Graham, or Apple Cinnamon. So yummy! Don't get me wrong - choco brownie is still good, and if you're a dark chocolate lover you'd probably love it as a healthy sub for a chocolate bar.

While I was driving home I decided I'd do a vegetarian style dinner! Bulgur was calling my name and fried "rice" with black beans, a bunch of veggies, and of course fried egg would be perfect!

While preparing 1/4 c. bulghur wheat, I sauteed garlic, onion, cilantro, red and green pepper, carrots, sugar peas, and black kidney beans. Then I added the bulgur and cooked it over medium heat for a few more minutes before adding two eggs and a laughing cow cheese wedge. I also seasoned it with chili powder, country-style garlic dijon mustard, and montreal steak seasoning. Delish!

Okay, if I'm being honest I actually sauteed the veggies too long so they lost some of their crunch. BUT! Only because I was so caught up in making frozen greek yogurt! hehehe...
I also had a corn vita-top. The last one! I do like them but they do have added sugar alcohols so I do limit them, especially since I can make healthy treats like that myself! (okay, maybe with not so many vitamins as they say...) I enjoy them as a treat though, and the corn is a good flavor when it's got some frank's on it! It escaped the pictures because I forgot about it in the toaster until halfway through my meal!
Do you let ingredients such as sugar alcohols and HFCS, etc, change your decision as to whether you purchase a product? I know HFCS is in the news a lot again for not being so bad.

Well, I've got a hot shower calling my name, followed by some Frozen Yogurt. mmm! can't wait :)


  1. Thanks for the comment :) Ezekial is great - I love all of the breads. I haven't had bulgar that will have to be the next thing I try. I love quinoa and couscous though. Enjoy your fro-yo!

  2. I've been wanting to try bulgar for a while now! Your bulgar looks delish!

    Hope the frozen yogurt is delicious! I'm sure it will be!

  3. Looks like a very nice breakfast! And your Flickr pictures are AMAZING! Absolutely love them. Can I download one for a background?

  4. Definitely give the bulgar a try! I love it - if you like quinoa and couscous you'd probably like it. I usually make it like above and make a meal out of it, but it's good plain or just prepared in broth or stewed tomatoes for a side dish, as well.

    And thanks so much for the comment on my photographs! It means a lot to me to hear that - of course you can use one as a background! I'm not too sure how the resolution will be since they're res'd down, but you're more than welcome to try! I think they'll let you do that for free?