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Friday, January 8, 2010


...but that means I'm one week closer to the end of winter break :\ not impressed. I feel like this break has just started! I worked so often up until New Years that this was my first week where I actually had days off! Imagine that; Tuesdays and Thursdays to just chill. Granted, neither of those days were spent "just chilling," I'm one of those people who can't just do nothing all day! Yesterday was exciting though:

Hellooooo, new camera!! I'd had my Nikon d40 for what seems like eeeonnnsss. I've been way overdue for an upgrade, and this Nikon D90 is just the ticket. I've been playing with it and trying to get used to it, and this weekend I'll get to really test-drive it; can't wait!

This morning started out with a huuuuge veggie omelet, spelt toast, banana and coffee:

You better believe I packed all that away. 1/2 c. egg beaters, splash of enriched soy milk, yellow mustard, and seasonings with red & green peppers, tomatoes, and mushroom. Half a banana, homemade spelt bread toasted and spread with strawberry preserves, and Green Mountain Hazelnut coffee completed the outfit...
And of course everything was drizzled with some s.f. maple syrup. Why? Well, I am from Vermont. Try it on your next veggie omelet. Please? I'm such a breakfast geek: I can't go about my day without a good breakfast! That and breakfast courses are my favorite. I wouldn't complain if I had to have something breakfast-y for every meal. Anyways. Work all day, blah blah. Nothing too exciting. Most of my time was spent daydreaming about my new camera!
No photos of my delicious leftover Tilapia lunch...containers and cell phones don't make very pretty pictures. But I made some great Asian inspired Tilapia filets for dinner last night. Received rave reviews all around. What's your favorite way to prepare fish? Any kind, really. I've been on such a fish/seafood kick lately!
Speaking of which, dinner:

Okay, so maybe this is yesterday's lunch, but tonights dinner was essentially the same, just more filling! Crab cake in a pita with red pepper, tomato, carrots, celery, romaine, and copious amounts of honey mustard. In addition? Sugar snap peas and half a homemade parmesan/garlic popover.
I have a minor mustard obsession, as well as snap pea and pita panini obsession. You will see these things appear often. Just like yesterdays' lunch, I thumbed through my Nikon d90 for Dummies book. This camera   has SO MUCH to offer. I'm so pumped.
And you know what else I love?

Baked apples and coffee. Okay, maybe not the most aesthetically pleasing photo. chopped apple with cinnamon, some homemade Buckwheat/Spelt citrus scone, and graham cracker. And of course coffee. This is one of my nightly rituals. As is greek yogurt, some sort of fruit, and Kashi cereal which is what I'm about to go prepare, consume, and retire to bed. Peace!

Anyone with the D90 have any clever tips or tricks for me? I don't want to miss anything!

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