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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

How was everyone's Sunday? Good, I hope!
Mine was pretty relaxing - sometimes it's nice to not be rushing around! hah.
After my glorious breakfast and cleaning up, I went about some general "house keeping" chores before finishing up a short paper and then getting to work on some collages for a potential photo customer. This may or may not have involved a banana and some handfuls of those awesome garden veggie chips I picked up yesterday before breaking for lunch:

Seriously love these wraps. I can put all my veggies inside and still put it on a panini press without making the veggies lose their crunchy freshness! The wraps have a great crunchy-meets-chewy when you do it that way, too :)

In La Tortilla: Cedar's Sundried Tomato Hummus, red pepper, Cedar's Chipotle Salsa, romaine, kosher dill pickle, dijonnaise, kidney beans, and garlic salt. And a carrot. It was a whole carrot. I kinda ate it as I made it, though, and that's all that made the shot!
Was just going to go for a hummus and veggie wrap, but then realized I had the last of that can of kidney beans to finish up. I'd already spread the hummus and wasn't sure how two different kinds of beans would jive, but just decided to go for it :P It was great! Totally in love with Cedar's. Hummus is a pretty picky subject, though. What's your favorite brand and flavor of hummus?

Played online for a little while, and then decided I should get some quick sandwich-y salad-y eats ready for lunches and/or dinners throughout the week for myself and the parentals. This project included a can of garbanzo beans!
Exhibit A:

1/2 of a 15 oz. can garbanzo beans, 1/2 medium red onion, 1 de-seeded Roma Plum tomato, 1/2 c. + red pepper, dried oregano & basil, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar.

Exhibit B was less than photogenic. I blame the loss of daylight:

Falafel. Recipe to come.

I was on my own for dinner even though everyone was home - they were making corned beef.
I hate corned beef.
I opted for a Chik'n Quesedilla! (make sure you say that like napoleon.) and broccoli. Loving broccoli lately.

In La Tortilla spread with 1 Laughing Cow Wedge: sauteed 1/2 c. Quorn Chik'n Tenders, red pepper, red onion, 1 Roma Plum Tomato, mesquite BBQ sauce, Franks, minced garlic, and sour cream. Stuffed it all in the tortilla and pressed on the georgie.
For the Broccoli: "fried" with minced garlic, honey mustard, and balsamic vinegar. 
I'm not really sure the best way to describe my "frying" method for broccoli. It is, by no means, fried. But it's not just sauteed, because it is intentionally burnt in some places. I am no chef. I have no idea. I just make tasty food.

Does anyone else get a kick out of nomming down a bunch of food that is seemingly unhealthy upon first glance, when it's really not?

Has anyone else tried those Quorn tenders? I am a fan. So good. They even fooled my mom! She helped herself to some of last night's curried chik'n and noodles, so I decided to prod a little by saying "yeah, those noodles and chicken were kind of weird though, weren't they?" (she is always honest about my cooking.) Her response was along the lines of "I didn't taste anything wrong with it...why do you say that?" hah! score! Fake chik'n and tofu noodles, and she was none the wiser. I wish everyone could realize that it's so easy to make healthy substitutions but not miss out on flavor. Not that real chicken is bad for you; I mean, I eat real chicken - I'm more just speaking in a general sense.
Do you like "tricking" people into eating healthy things?
I don't consider that tricking because my family knows I try to eat relatively healthy, and realize it's just what I enjoy. They tend to enjoy it as well, especially when I make it for them :P

Dessert was lovely, as always:

The best of both worlds: lime-poppyseed quick cookie & fro-yo. And that's definitely a mug of pudding hot cocoa. No shame.

I decided to zest in the dark,and kind of overdid it. No more zesting in the dark.

What were the highlights of your Sundays?!


  1. I'm dying for a panini press! Crispy and toasted is pretty much the best thing ever!

    I love Sabra brand hummus! Sadly, it's the most expensive one at the store so I buy it once in a blue moon!

  2. pudding hot coco? fro yo? sounds like a great dessert!