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Friday, January 15, 2010

On and On and On...

...pretty much how today went. Felt like it lasted forever! So happy it's the weekend, but not looking forward to going back to classes Tuesday :\
I've felt kinda "meh" off and on all day today. I woke up in the middle of the night and could not get back to sleep, so I'm guessing that played  large role in the problem, but I dunno since it was moreso my stomach that's been problematic. I best not be getting sick!

Would you care to read the Granville Sentinel with me?!
I didn't wke up very hungry so decided to be boring once again; same ole same old, but obviously it's not getting old :) This combo will forever be delicious. But my blueberries are almost all gone! Not a happy camper. I ended up feeling so full halfway through, but knew I would be draggin' at work if all I had was half of this, and it's not like it's more than I'm used to eating, so I finished it off - when my stomach started to get that "meh" feeling. Didn't last too long but my eyes were pretty tired which added to an overall "This day is going to be a drag." feeling!
Work is relatively slow this time of year, too, so it's not like I've got ridiculous amounts of stuff to do to keep me up and at it.
Lunch was a repeat of last night's salmon and broccoli. Just as delicious for round two! Luckily the work microwave is in the basement though! hehe...
I started feeling gross again in the afternoon, just as I was setting up to shoot an artist's print for reproduction. I was probably pissing my boss off because I don't think I was in the best of moods - I just wanted to sit down, not mess around with heavy lights, cameras, and tripods! Not to mention I was freezing. But I got it done; luckily he was in a pretty good mood so he wasn't sassing me back! haha. We're kind  of funny in that we can both be in a "mood" and challenge each other as to how things can be done, or we can be totally fine and just be joking around all day. It works :) I do love my job.
By the time I was done shooting I was starting to feel better and was about an hour from close - I was able to just sit and work on a computer for the last hour, so by the time I was ready to leave I started feeling just plain HUNGRY! I was practically fantasizing about dinner, and all I could think about was making a hummus sammie while I was driving home.

So that's just what I did when I walked in the door! I think the worst part about having a long commute is that when you're hungry, you just keep thinking about what you're going to make once you're finally home, and that first bite. Or maybe I'm just weird? haha.
Kept it light but filling with a toasted WW Arnold's Sandwich Thin, tons of hummus & salsa, romaine, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, and pickles with delicious carrots and snap peas on the side! I finally picked up those sandwich thins the other day - so good, so healthy, and so big! Sometimes "stuff like that"(i.e. marketed towards dieters) is so tiny you'd wish that companies would nix the 100 calorie idea and just give you a real portion size for more, but this was perfect. Almost too much! But I can always finish a good hummus sandwich.

My new favorite dessert: unsweetened applesauce, whole wheat honey-oat bread crusts, and a drizzle of maple syrup. I actually prefer it with a bit of crumbled scone, but I've gotta use up that bread and it's actually still really good! haha. I'm so random sometimes.

I've been feeling fine this evening, so I think today was just a fluke-y thing. Ah well. Day off tomorrow. Not sure what I'll end up doing! I've been trying to get promotional stuff together for photographing horse shows and senior portraits and stuff though, as well as updating my photoreflect portfolio and design.

And hey, have you ever seen Exploding Dog?
One of my favorite web-esque artists ever - some really cute/silly/sad illustrations - follow him!

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