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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love My Saturdays...

Shortly after uploading everything, I had to break for lunch.
All I wanted was a repeat from last night!

Except, take two was made way better - didn't know that was possible!
My mom had hard-boiled some eggs earlier so I stole one and sliced it up to put on this sandwich thin with Cedar's sundried tomato hummus, Cedar's Mild Wild Salsa, mushrooms, red pepper, romaine, and pickles. With, of course, carrots on the side. Not sure where this newfound carrot obsession is coming from. I used to hate gnawing on carrots...I felt like they were a food you'd just chew...and chew....and chew...before actually being able to eat it. Lately I can't get enough of their crunchy goodness, though!

Photo editing resumed as well as random grazing, though for some reason I haven't been that hungry today. I've been all about hot beverages, though! In place of hot cocoa (which we have none of) I've been drinking hot jello pudding. Uh, come again? Yeah...sounds weird. But seriously; it works! Just put a spoonful of jello pudding mix in hot water and drink! It's not thick since the water's hot...and is a good sub if you have no hot cocoa or unsweetened cocoa powder mix, lol.
When dinner rolled around, all I really wanted was a breakfast "burrito"! I was on my own for dinner - mom & henry are at an auction and so they ate dinner realllly early. Whenever we eat together I love making an intricate meal, especially since when I get home late during the week I never get the chance to make anything super exciting for myself (but, since I am easily satisfied, as you can tell, it doesn't bother me too much.  I do miss cooking, though!)

But anyways; breakfast for dinner is just what I had! I love having a craving for something and being able to have just that, especially when it's so simple :P In the eggs was a splash of soymilk, salt, peppa, and mustard, poured over sauteed red peppers, cajun andoille chicken sausage, mushrooms, green pepper, garlic, and cilantro. Scrambled to perfection, and then added a laughing cow cheese wedge and the remaining Cedar's Mild Wild salsa. All stuffed in a Joseph's flax pita that I had pan toasted while the eggs were a-cookin'. Hey,so maybe it's not a "burrito" but it's durn close! This made me so full. Thought for sure I'd need a "Part II" to this meal, but not yet. Sure to have my nightly bowl of apple-granola-etc though, hehe...
Right now it's NFL playoffs (not really by choice - moreso "Why is there never anything good on television anymore?") and still going through photos :) Really getting into this HDR stuff.

What are your thoughts on HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography??
and if you're here for the food - Are you one of those "easy to please" eaters, or do you always need to cook up something new and exciting? Don't get me wrong - I love being able to make new and exciting and healthy meals. But I also kind of luck out in that I'm content with  delicious hummus sandwich or breakfast burrito for dinner when it comes to working later :P

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