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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Upgrade numero uno came in the mail today!

Still deciding on a new lens; I'm not in a huge rush but I think I'm going to go for the 55-200mm Nikkor VR if I can't find a 200 or 300mm D lens (a D lens will work on both my cameras) It's pretty inexpensive but has great reviews.
I thought I was going to be kind of creative with b-fast this morning by mockly broiling bananas, but it didn't turn out quite as pretty as I'd hoped.

Pardon the ugly blue plastic bowl...
See, I thought I'd "fry" the bananas and blueberries in some stevia, syrup, and cinnamon and they'd get all carmeliz-y and pretty, but they just got soft and, while delicious, weren't golden and crispy, haha. Not sure how my thought process works sometimes...
The concoction did taste great, though! In the mix was Brown Cow atop a cubed hunk of homemade whole-wheat bread, syrup drizzle, half a crumbled Kashi Raspberry Graham cereal bar and half a Clif Apple Cinnamon Z-Bar. And some wheat bran...and a couple more slices of banana to make it a little more visually appealing for you :) Coffee = Van Houtte Macadamia Nut. Not a big fan of the Van Houtte brand.
Ran into town to hit up the post office, Rite Aid, and Price Chopper (yes, for the third day in a row) for a couple ingredients for tonight's salmon!
Came home and did a mini fridge-and-freezer clear-out for lunch:

uhh...once again, not too visually appetizing, eh? hah...
Freezer-burnt P.C. veggie burger in a Joseph's pita with romaine, Cedar's Mild Wild Salsa, dijonaise, mushrooms, and a lovely side of snap peas and carrots. Luckily it only tasted half freezer burnt. Probably should have just chucked it and started in on the box I had just brought home, but hey. There's starving kids in Asia. Can't bring myself to toss it unless it's moldy or something. It really wasn't that old. hah.

Then I played with my new toy :) That camera is getting so heavy. Wait until the new zoom lens is on it. hehe...

Check out the photos on this blog.
The black and white portrait of the child in the tub on the front page? Amazing.

See yas for dinner! I've gotta go warm up; It's finally broke 30* here but for some reason this house feels so chilled!

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  1. Nice new lens there, and your images are captivating. I've Stumbled up you post!