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Monday, January 18, 2010

Change is a-comin'

Be proud, readers: I didn't stuff anything in a pita for dinner today, and even breakfast was a leeeetle different!

Breakfast Cookie: approx: 2 T. oats, 1 T. wheat germ, 1 tsp. flour, 1/8 tsp. baking powder, stevia,1/2 T. egg beaters, vanilla, frozen blueberries, & cinnamon. Topped with brown cow 0% plain, banana, wheat germ, and a splash of s.f. maple syrup.
Delicious! Didn't think it would be quiiiite enough to keep me satiated most of the morning at work though, so I toasted a corn vita-top before I left and ate it on my drive in. Definitely digging the corn flavor! Quite good. The sugar alcohols in vita tops don't really knock my socks off; I admittedly use more artificial sweeteners than I would really like to (*cough*sugar free maple syrup addiction*COUGH*) but somedays I'm not so picky about it. I try to eat healthy otherwise, or use stevia, honey, or agave to sweeten things where really necessary, so hopefully it won't be the death of me :P Do you have any strong feelings about artificial sweeteners? What about ones marketed as natural, like stevia?

I had a little bit of turkey salad leftover from last night; just enough to make the perfect lunch out of! So I had that along with a bunch of other veggies and some more laughing cow on a toasted sandwich thin. That was some goooood turkey salad, let me tell you. Dijonnaise = good stuff.

Work flew by today, sort of unusual for this time of year, but I love it when that happens! For some reason I didn't get hungry most of the day. I was fairly inactive (there was a lot of scanning at the computer to be done versus running around like a crazy person) which probably explains that, but I get kind of weirded out when I think I haven't eaten enough throughout the day and don't feel hungry, especially because I've been trying to make a point to eat more snacks lately. I had carrots with lunch and the rest of my banana mid-morning, but usually I'll have crackers and a cereal/power/granola bar throughout the day as well, but before I knew it the day was over. Oh wellll.

Wasn't sure what to do for dinner since I didn't have a super-strong hunger for anything, but then remembered the Shirataki Noodles I still had waiting to be used. Shirataki Noodles are tofu noodles that are, essentially, like eating nothing, haha. They definitely have lovers and haters if you read the forums, but I think I'm a lover :) I'm also not a rabid pasta fan, mind you, which could be the difference. If I can eat something that, to me, tastes nearly the same as the original but for far less carbs, calories, cholesterol, and sugar - by golly I will! Even though I'm not on a calorie-counting diet by any means, pasta is definitely loaded with carbs and we all know I love me some carbs throughout the course of my day! (just...not today, apparently. hah!)

But, enough of that.

I bounced back and forth between making a sort of alfredo-esque sauce, like I did last time I had these noodles, or a tomato-based sauce. I decided I was digging the tomato idea for tonight :) I threw together some stewed tomatoes, red pepper, garlic, sugar peas, mushrooms, cajun andouille chicken sausage, and onions - seasoned with  little bit of salt, pepper,crushed red pepper, and basil. Topped with some parmesan and bon appetit!
I love the Bilinski Farms chicken sausage and this cajun andoiulle (okay, I honestly can't spell that. sorry.) flavor is SO SO good. If your supermarket carries them, try them!
I added some fresh bread halfway through to add a bit to the meal, it initially escaped the camera. I bet you know what a piece of whole wheat fresh bakery bread looks like though :)

Just made some hot cocoa and a quick cookie, and I'm sure there is more in store. Now I'm off to get stuff ready for tomorrow (classes start back up! guff!) and catch up on flickr, spark, and blogs!

Do you like work days that are packed full of stuff to do, or would you rather a liesurely workflow? I love keeping busy at my job, personally. Before you know it, you're driving home!



  1. I'm trying to reduce my artificial sweetener intake. I used to eat splenda like no other but now I only have 1 packet in my coffee each morning. The rest of the day I use agave nectar.

    Err not a fan of the shirataki noodles. I had them once, they were okay but not great. I should give them another try :)

  2. That's how I've been trying to cut back! My morning coffee I use a splash of flavored creamer, the rest of the day it's black. And I'm trying to cut back on the s.f maple syrup :P Easier said than done! When I think about it, those are really only my two strong vices so I'm not too worried, but I acknowledge that it is something I could certainly do without. Yeah, I'll have other random things throughout the course of week, but don't make a habit out of it. I think part of it is living with someone who is pre-diabetic, as well as not having as much access to either naturally sweetened, or completely unsweetened natural foods, I have easier access to "Sugar free" (re: splenda-sweetened) food items.

    I can understand why someone might not like the noodles, haha. I think it's because I don't really think of them as a pasta replacement, so it's not what I was expecting. They do have a strange "rubber-band" like texture that I could see someone having an issue with, too. But other than that I don't think they TASTE weird at all. I kinda just view them as ramen noodles, I guess? Not like, amazingly delicious homemade pasta. haha.

    Wow, I just rambled hardcore. Sorry!