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Alright. So I'm gonna try my best on this one, but I'm not guaranteeing it to be pretty.
Truth be told, I'm really awkward when it comes to talking about myself. I need to be poked and prodded. If I'm told to tell someone about myself, I can never think of anything, because I don't like attention on me and am always afraid I'll come across as vein. Talk about myself? Who just talks about themselves?! So, typically I'll just mention that I'm really into photography. Descriptive, eh? 

But, I figure since you guys read so much of what I say otherwise, I might as well delve into how long I've been interested in photography and cooking & food, and a little background on my general interests. If anyone has any personal questions, by all means - ask away! I'm better at answering specific questions rather than a broad area of "right answers."

I am currently a sophomore in college, still with an undeclared major. I have a job at a photo lab that I adore and wish I could "do" photography with my life. Since I also wish to stay in Vermont (a rarity for many people my age growing up here) I acknowledge that these two things may not go hand-in-hand. So, I figure the best way is to find something else I love to balance with this passion of mine. Lately, I've become interested in business, sociology and psychology. Business because I have become more and more interested in the thought of running my own health-food deli and cafe with an art gallery, and sociology and psychology because people really fascinate me. Some of the shocking realities surrounding us today stemming from people just truly baffle me, and I am interested in looking at these problems from the sociological and psychological  aspect.

I first took an interest in photography my freshman year of high school, but it grew into a hobby by the time I was a sophomore. My junior and senior years I was able to attend a technical school, which allowed me hands-on photo and graphic design "jobs" through the school. It was my senior year which benefited me most - I was given a co-op opportunity which allowed me to work at a photo lab (where I still am employed) during school hours, and also was part of a large group that developed advertisements and took photographs for an Anti-Ageism campaign. Strangely enough, this was a huge help this past semester in my Social Problems class, where we would discuss Age Discrimination. 
Currently, I find myself shooting a lot for fun. I enjoy doing different portraits, and lately have been reaching into more of a fine-art people-less field. I also shoot local horseshows when given the opportunity, some senior portraits, and will hopefully soon be getting into weddings.

When it comes to "healthy eating," I by no means consider what I eat on a daily basis to be the picture of health. However, I have developed over the past couple months, a huge interest in different foods, their nutrition, and their effects on the human body. I think this first started when I stumbled upon (literally!) Kath's blog. I had never even heard of a foodblog before, but was a huge oatmeal fanatic. And the things she was doing with her oatmeal far surpassed any I had ever eaten. I've always had a minor interest in cooking and baking (food network has always been the television show of choice!), but was far from even a moderately good baker, and cooking a dinner? Sure, I can throw together a box of Annie's Mac N' Cheese, chop up some ham and broccoli, and set the table! In fact, most of my senior year in high school through to freshman year in college, I about lived at the local deli rather than packing myself a lunch, or making myself a dinner. Luckily, I don't think I've ever been a huge processed junk food or sweets fan to begin with, but at the same time, didn't pay a whole lot of attention to what was in food, and what it was providing me with. Now I'm much more aware of many of the chemicals and additives in overly processed foods provided to the public today. I also feel it's all about moderation, and finding a happy balance. After becoming fascinated with the world of food blogging by following Kath, I soon stumbled upon TinaCaitlin and Brandi. With what I have learned, I do try to make healthy choices, and have come to really love it, too. Sometime's I'll be the brunt of a joke when I'm seen eating a huge veggie-and-hummus wrap next to someone eating a grease-laden burrito, but you know what? I've come to really love healthy food: how it tastes, what it does for me, and how it makes me feel. That and - it's all about balance and knowledge. Just about anything "unhealthy" can easily be made healthy, with no loss of flavor. It's almost a fun little game for me, but it's really quite simple! So no: I don't feel "deprived," and truly enjoy learning about, and eating in this way. I really hope it stays with me, too, and that more people in America can become educated about the food industries out there today. I'm a believer in eating REAL food in moderation, over processed "diet" foods aplenty. This has come in handy when cooking for my family (I am living at home with my mom and her boyfriend) due to the fact that my mom's boyfriend is trying to lose some weight, and is pre-diabetic. I enjoy experimenting with different types of cooking and cuisines, such as vegan diets, vegetarian diets, raw diets, Mediterranean diets, Indian cuisine, and the list goes on. I am not vegan, vegetarian, diabetic, gluten or lactose intolerant, or anything of the like - but I love experimenting with products that may be geared as such, and they have proven to be quite helpful in cooking and baking for my mom's boyfriend, which is another reason why you may see me using them.

All that said, I am still a real person, and don't claim to be this crazily-obsessive health nerd. I still eat sweets and desserts when I want, and will enjoy an indulgent meal when it comes about. It's just that often times, I prefer the taste of what you see me blogging about often, and love cooking fresh meals packed with veggies and fruits. Another subject I've hardly touched on is exercise and health on that front. I am not an avid runner or gym-goer. In fact, I rather dislike the gym. I find it intimidating. I much prefer doing outdoor activities such as running around my town, brisk walks, helping out with the horses and outdoor jobs, cardio kickboxing, and pilates. In addition, I have long had a passion for horses and horseback riding, though have found that stalled as of late. I am hoping that soon - within the next couple of months - I will be able to pick that back up.

And my about-me isn't complete without the introduction of a couple more important parts of my life! *cue slideshow*

Kaia -  2 y/o german shephard/husky mix we got from a shelter as a puppy.

Our 2009 Christmas Card. Doesn't she look thrilled?! haha

My first "project horse," who I trained from the start. A naughty little pony, she was! Who taught me so much, of course.

And, my current horse, who I am leasing out until I find more time. I cannot wait to get back into this sport.

My mom and Kaia.