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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beans, Beans, Beans...

Is everybody's Saturday turning out to be a good one? I hope so - I feel like mine was pretty productive!
Started out with a relatively simple bowl of pumpkin hot cereal:

I felt it was time to go back to basics again :)
Today incorporated pumpkin puree and a couple slices banana while cooking, and topped with some pumpkin chia-seed yogurt pudding for topping, as well as some toasted coconut, toasted walnuts, raisins, banana, wheat germ, raspberry preserves, and almond butter

Delicious no matter whether simple or complex!

The morning was then spent getting some groceries with mi madre and then I went into town to clean the office and finish my valentine's day shopping. We're not big Valentine's Day people obviously, but we usually tend to get each other random cutesy nick-nacks. I was back by noon (I love waking up early and getting the "grunt work" over with before it's even the afternoon!) and opted for a small snack incorporating this beautiful creation:

Ahmahgaw. Sooooo good. I received my Naturally Nutty order yesterday, but didn't try any then, and nor did I have it with my breakfast this morning - will power, I tell ya! But when I got home I needed a snack (I like eating lunch later) so opted for an orange and had just half a Joseph's Flax Pita left after last night's dinner. So I made a quick little PB&J panini! White Choco Coconut + Pomegranate-Cherry Jam + Soft Flax Pita + Panini Press = Heaven. This isn't Jess talking right now, it's her spirit. The end.
Have you tried any of the Naturally Nutty line? What's your favorite?
I also got two other flavors - but you'll have to wait and find out what they are :)

After getting some schoolwork done for an hour or two, I was ready for lunch.

After last night's Garlicky Butter Beans & Scallops with Bacon, I had a big spoonful or two left-over that I added to. Normally if there's such a small amount left I don't bother saving it (It's just a tease!) but I knew I'd be using more of the beans for a wrap for lunch today (whole can open!) and thought I could just add more beans and veggies to the already-deliciously flavored mixture. Worked great! I just heated last night's mixture up in a pan, added some more butter beans, dijon and garlic, and spooned that over a pita that had some romaine and red onion. Tri-Fold and Press!

Delish. Other snackins included this Luna Cookie:

It was on clearance for 90 cents at P-Chop. Couldn't resist.
The verdict? It's basically a brownie Clif Z-Bar but with peppermint icing! I definitely think it's the same recipe, haha. Which, since as you all know, isn't a bad thing because I love Z-Bars. But I was definitely expecting something more like a cookie! The peppermint icing made it not too chocolate-y though, which was my only issue with the Choco Brownie Z-Bar. I heart chocolate peppermint.

I have made so much progress organizing my recipes! I am finally getting things out of my over-crowded bookmarks online, and organizing and printing from Word. I feel like my web-based collection is too small now,though! Gotta start bookmarking again.

Dinner tonight guessed it...more butter beans! I actually don't think I'd ever used butter beans much prior to last night, but they may very well be one of my new favorite beans. Of course, since I love all beans I don't know how valid that statement is. I opted for a Butter Bean Curry with Homemade Naan!

Okay, so my Naan is nowhere near as gorgeous as Jen's is, but I tried! I'd never made Naan before, and I was terrified after having a failed Roti attempt not too long ago. I wasn't sure how thin to roll them out, and I am pretty sure I went a bit too thin, but it actually came out really delicious! I'd type out the recipe, but I want you to go read it on this amazing blog instead! Jen has so many amazing recipes, and she's not lying when she calls it "Ridiculously Easy Naan." A few notes, however: I halved the recipe, used 1 c. bread flour and 1 c. whole wheat flour, used garlic salt with parsley in place of the salt, used half almond milk and half water, and used olive oil rather than canola. Mmmm!

The bean curry was helped along by the Good Housekeeping Coconut-Chile Curry Sauce that I've mentioned on here previously. I sauteed butter beans, carrot slices, red pepper, diced plum tomato, and onion in minced garlic, added 1 T. of the Curry sauce, and seasoned with ginger, curry powder, cumin, and pepper. When it was all done, I topped with some shredded coconut (key!!) and had a side of sugar snap peas, as well. The craving for them hit - I used to have them on a daily basis, ya know!

A simple, easy dinner...but definitely hit the spot. The curry was perfect scooped up by the Naan! You really must make it. If I can, I'm pretty sure anybody can. 

I'll leave you on this note:

I've got some Moguls and speed skating to watch!
Night everyone :)

What's your favorite Indian dish?


  1. Your lunch and dinner look great, as always!
    I don't have indian food very often but I love LOVE mango lassi!!!

  2. I looooove Butter Beans!! So creamy!
    Wow I can't believe you waited that long to try the PB you ordered! I would have opened all of them and stuck a finger in each one! You're a better woman than me!
    I've never tried making naan, but in India I saw many women make chapati (flatbread not made in a tandoori oven unlike naan). They made it with flour, water and salt. It tasted delicious despite the simplicity! I bet yours is amazing!! Looks good :)

  3. mmm your pressed sandwich lunch looks so good! Your photography is gorgeous!

  4. hey!
    i just came across your blog and i can't wait to keep reading!
    i would love it if you could check out mine and follow :)

  5. Great pics as always- Butter beans are awesome, love the wraps as always!! Indian food I need to try it more- but I agree with leo lassis-my girls love them!!!


  6. Homemade naan is THE BEST ever! I've been making masoor dal (I hope it's called that) and I love it, the flavors just meld together and nothing beats lentils and rice. I make that spinach-cheese dish, but with tofu. I love Indian food! Aloo gobi is another favorite.

  7. hehe, girl, that oatmeal looks anything BUT simple!

    Your blog really inspires me to start cooking/using actual RECIPES more. I'm always so beat at the end of a busy day that I usually throw together something really...boring. I want to experiment more!

    Do you make your own recipes most of the time? Where else do you get them?

  8. Hey I just saw this post, (somehow I missed your last two posts). Thanks for the kind words, you're making me blush! I'm so glad you tried the naan! It looks good, just keep experimenting with're right I didn't mention how thin to roll them out. I say do whatever you want!

    If you want it to puff up more perhaps let the dough rest a bit after you roll it out and make sure you cover the pan with a lid. I love your variation to it though, great ideas!