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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back to Basics

Happy Humpday, everyone! Belated Humpday, almost...
This morning started off with a Back to Basics bowl of brekkie.
[Can you tell I have no idea what to call my breakfast mix? It's not oatmeal...and I'm not calling it porridge. Porridge sounds so unappetizing. So it's a bowl of brekkie. Ya dig? haha]

The normal mix con shredded coconut, choco-chia "icing," raisins, rasperry jam, chopped walnuts, and almond butter.

I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted so I decided I'd just do the normal whipped banana bowl. No matter how simple or how complex, it is always so good, wouldn't you agree?

I never really looked at walnuts for their health benefits - I always thought almonds and peanuts were superior! So I was shocked when I learned that Walnuts are actually king! This is because they are loaded with omega-3s, and an insane amount of antioxidant activity levels. They are also a large part of Meditterannean diets because they are very heart healthy, helping to reduce total as well as bad cholesterol, increase artery elasticity, and help to keep the hardening of arteries at bay. [Source]

Work and car-ride eats, in case you were wondering:

My wrapping skills are becoming better by the day.
Repeat of a buffalo turkey meatball wrap, ranch dressin' on the side, carrot sticks, orange, Z Bar, and crack. Remaining nanner and some spelt toast with almond butter just for good measure.

Buuuut, I was able to print some of my film today :) Nothing super impressive, but a couple fun ones:

and....the downside of film:

A big ole scratch, right on my emulsion! Ah well. 

Dinner tonight was simply superb. Planning out meals has worked so well. I was hesitant about doing so, since my cravings can change by the second, but I've found that when I look at what I've got planned for dinner the night before or the morning of, I start off just wanting that anyway! I'm allowing some mixing-up of meals; it's more of a "here's 5 meals ideas, here's the ingredients, now just cook them whenever." lol. And all the look-up work has been done when I have time to do it (versus when I get home from work - because that wsn't happening. hah!), so I'm going through all these recipes I've been wanting to try, too! I'm also getting better at knowing when to make extra for leftovers, and when not to. The meatballs worked out great for lunches this week, so besides the strata, I've been making just enough for dinner. Go me! haha. [okay, sometimes there's a littttle left, but not enough worth saving. as you can imagine, Kaia isn't complaining.]

How do you go about your meal planning? On a whim, or planned in advance?

Anyways, back to tonight's Pumpkin-Honey Curry Chik'n!

Served with sweet potatoes and baby spinach.

-1 c. Quorn Chik'n Tenders, or 1 cup chopped, cooked chicken
-1/2 carrot, chopped
-1/4 c. each chopped yellow and red bell peppers
-1 T. honey
-1 T. honey mustard or dijon mustard
-1/3 c. almond milk 
-1 t. Curry Powder
-2 T. pure pumpkin puree

-1 sweet potato, sliced into rounds
-salt and pepper
-baby spinach

-Place sliced sweet potato rounds on panini press/grill, spray with non-stick spray, season with salt and pepper, and allow to cook.

-Meanwhile, combine chik'n, veggies, honey, mustard, milk, pumpkin, and curry powder in small frying pan. Allow to simmer until sauce thickens slightly/chik'n absorbs it.

-Plate baby spinach, top with sweet potatoes, and then the curry mixture.


In addition to your meal planning strategies, what is your favorite go-to meal?
'Night everyone!

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  1. Brekkie it is. :) and looking ever so good. That curry is genius. Sometimes, I have to just use what is on hand too.