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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

So...who's watching the commercials right now?!
I've gotta be quick so that I don't miss any good ones myself! haha.

Rewind to this morning. It had been to long since my last bowl of Carrot Cake for Breakfast!

Hands down, my favorite way to eat a hot cereal :) For the "icing" this time, I added 1 tsp. of Chia seeds along with the syrup, greek yogurt, and almond milk. Yum! As well as raisins, walnuts, raspberry jam, shredded coconut, and banana for toppers. 

Today's been pretty lazy! I didn't get out of my pajamas once! After breakfast, kicked off the day with some good ol' house-cleaning and organization, finished some homework, went crazy ordering from Bob's Red Mill and Naturally Nutty (yikes!), and started organizing my recipes! It will be a long process, I tell you. 

In the middle of this all, I did a "last leg" lunch!
Meaning, if this doesn't get eaten in the next five hours, it needs to be thrown out.

Red beans from Monday, a really sad yellow pepper, some almost-forgotten-about romaine, and then of course some raspberry-dijon mustard and a cheese wedge. I didn't even bother to wrap it up all pretty. 
It was sort of hard eating leftovers when those meatballs were staring me down, or at least the produce I picked up yesterday! But I made it work - raspberry dijon mustard and beans make anything work, especially in a wrap and then panini'd :)

I did follow it up with a yummy little quick dessert, though:

Not so pretty, but tasty enough! I just wanted a pumpkin-esque pudding sort of I mixed together some rolled oats, pumpkin puree, egg beaters, chia seeds, banana slices, and spices. Nuked and garnished with a delicious apple, total, and maple sizzurp.

And copious amounts of this followed throughout the afternoon:

If I only had one snack to choose from for the rest of my life, it may just be these veggie chips.

I'm having so much fun going through all these recipes, but at the same time, it is slow torture! haha. I've already found a couple that I'd totally forgotten about that are So they'll probs be making appearances soon :)

Dinner tonight, however, was largely Mae inspired. Hummus tortilla pizza!

Oh, yes. Except I cheated, and hopefully I won't be shunned for it - I added in some real feta cheese. So see Mae's versions, clicky! Mine hardly compares, but I am none the wiser. Why? I've never had nutritional yeast or tahini, so I don't know what I'm missing! I can say, however, that this was fantastic.

Not gonna lie - I was a little skeptical of hummus on my pizza. Yeah, I love hummus and all...but I just had difficulty wrapping my mind around it. Was I wrong!
I can't wait to make it with a real pizza crust or naan. That was my original intention, but I didn't want to make up a big batch of dough and pizza for just me - the rents were eating leftovers from their restaurant rendezvous last night. Ironically, you will probably see this again tomorrow, since I had planned pizza for tomorrow! 

For mine, I toasted the WW tortilla over the stovetop, and then topped with baby spinach and sauteed broccoli florets, followed by slices plum tomatoes, red pepper, sundried tomato and feta meatballs, and red onion. 
In a seperate bowl, I combined sundried tomato hummus, raspberry dijon mustard, and some feta cheese - nuked, added a splash of water, and drizzled over the top. Baked just to crisp up a tad, and viola! My mind is still skeptical at the thought of it...but Is it good!

I had half at dinnertime with a spinach side-salad, and just now finished up the other half :)

Okay, gotta get back to the commercials - I hope everyone has a great night!
I'm not much a football fan everyone watching for commercials or for the sport?


  1. Once again, your daily eats never cease to amaze me! Carrot cake for breakfast? Um, yes please! I'm sure it was a heck of a lot healthier than the real carrot cake I've been stuffing my face with all weekend :/

    I won't be watching the game, but if I did it would definitely be for the commercials! I'll probably just catch up on them by watching all the morning shows tomorrow :P

  2. Hummus pizza? what a great idea! You're always one step ahead of me! Also, thanks for stopping by the blog and supporting me so much, thank you!

    P.S. I replied to your comment on my blog about a tip for using naan as pizza crust. Have a nice evening!

  3. You've got to try tahini!! It's sooooo good, all you need to add to it is water and a squeeze of lemon. And can someone please explain superbowl to me?? I'm watching it on Aussie TV right now.. and it's NOT making sense.
    p.s. always inspired to be healthy when I visit ur blog.

  4. glad i can provide some inspiration :)
    and I agree - i must try tahini!
    lastly...wish I could explain the superbowl...but I can't say I get it either! haha. It's like big football game of the season? And sports fans make a big deal out of it. But during the breaks, they have the new commercials and they are often quite silly, which is what I watch it for! haha.

  5. That pizza looks amazing, great shot. We watch for the football the girls hang around for the commercials.


  6. Hmmm well I watched until the end of the Superbowl and was no clearer on how the game worked.. rugby is SO much simpler. But the commercials were good and I love how all the American blogs had special superbowl foodie posts.

  7. I only watch the superbowl for the commercials and the FOOD! Haha! I'll definitely be having some form of pizza tonight because of your pictures.....

  8. You're on the Food buzz top 9 again!! What a star!!

  9. I love oatmeal. I do forget to dress it up though-good idea!

  10. I still need to catch up and read your posts's. I just wanted to say congrats to the food buzz daily top 9!!!!

  11. I made Mae's pizza too. I was killer! Yours looks fabulous! I love the big slices of tomato.