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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's official.
I'm in love.
Initially, I was going to talk about how I fell in love with this new Silk PureAlmond Original Almondmilk, and that there is officially no use for me to need a Valentine this year.

d.e.l.icious. Remember when I was having a big coffee creamer dilemma? It's been solved. Who knew almondmilk was the answer? I disliked almondmilk the first time I had it months ago. But this Silk brand is absolutely amazing..

But, behold! I realized that I may be cheating on my new lover, with the delicious bowl of oats to follow my first encounter with almondmilk:
Your parents lied to you when they said carrot cake wasn't for breakfast.

That's right...Breakfast Carrot Cake...uh...Porridge? Some hybrid word born from "TVP-Bulgur with Soy-Wheat Bran-Oatmeal"? I'm not sure what to call my mix. 
In the Bowl: The new "usual" mix of equal parts TVP, Bulgur with Soy, Wheat Bran, and Oatmeal, and equal parts Almondmilk and brewed coffee.
Also: half a large carrot, grated, nutmeg, cinnamon, ground ginger, 1 packet SunCrystals, half a banana, and vanilla.
Topped with: "Icing" consisting of large spoonful of greek yogurt, splash almondmilk, cinnamon, and agave. In addition: sliced banana, dates, raisins, crystallized ginger, and additional grated carrot.
Forgot to add because I was so excited: shredded coconut.

The icing seriously made this. I wasn't going to dress it up in such a way but then I saw the Greek Yogurt staring at me so innocently, and my new lover Almondmilk was asking to get more incorporation into the dish, as well.


I was excited and nervous about the Almondmilk when I saw it at the store the other day. I remembered the first time I tried it, I could take it or leave it. But I was intrigued that Silk now made an almondmilk line! They had vanilla and original - I opted for the original. It's perfect! And I can use it in my coffee happily! Meaning, not feeling like I'm being deprived of an enjoyable cup of coffee without those terrible creamers because it tastes just as good, if not better! That and it's delicious on its own - way better than soy or regular milk.

And then, I met another new love shortly before leaving for class:

My first Luna bar. WHAT?! I'm only just getting in on Luna bar action? I really must have lived in a cave... Unwrapped and bagged, because I'm always the disruptful one nomming on food in the back of the room. Was hoping this might reduce my disruptful-ness.

Seriously have been missing out on the bar & peanut butter craze. I've got a lot of catching up to do. Must.try.Chai.Tea.flavor. STAT!
Cookies 'n' Cream Delight was just that. The folks at Luna don't lie! I'm a big cookies n cream fan, and this was just like the ice cream :)

I'm also beginning to LOVE my Tuesdays. Why Tuesdays, you ask? Seems like a terrible day to love. You haven't reached Wednesday, and you're still far from the weekend.
Well, I love Tuesday because I love being able to come home and make a lovely lunch, utilizing wraps, hummus, fried eggs, and veggies, which we all know I ... you guessed it... love!

I was really proud of how well I wrapped and pannini'd that wrap...
Only half the orange and carrot made it to the photo shoot alive, though...

En la tortilla: fried egg, more hummus than Cedar ever intended for one person to eat at once, dijonnaise, pickles, red and yellow pepper, romaine, feta, and salsa.
With some delightful Snyder's oat bran pretzels. These pretzels are really good! 

A little bit of heaven on a plate...I'm so easily pleased.

You know what else is awesome about tuesdays? 
While I'm home, I can prep dinner!
Any guesses as to what I made up tonight? I'll give you some hints:

Anybody? Anybody? Okay, one more...

I warned you...

I'm hoping my concoction tastes as good as its' parts!

What's one thing you've loved about your Tuesday so far? I hope there's at least one thing!


  1. Your breakfast looks incredible... And your lunch too!!!
    What do I love about my Tuesday? Well I like that it is almost over. ha ha... Seriously, it was an awful long day... But I had the chance to see my friends for dinner at my favorite vegetarian restaurant. And that made it worth it!
    Have a great night!


  2. Tuesday--hmm I had a great soup and salad with strawberries yummy!!

    Almond soy milk- I need to have that- Silk is awesome!!

  3. I can't wait to try the Silk Almond Milk. I am currently in love with EdenSoy (original or unsweetened). Who knows, maybe I will cheat on EdenSoy...

  4. seen EdenSoy - never tried it, though. Might be awhile before I get around to it, too - now that I've found this! lol

  5. Breakfast carrot cake? I can get down with that :)
    Sounds great thanks for the suggestion. Alas I have always been in love with almond milk. Choco almond milk makes great hot cocoa as well!