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Friday, February 19, 2010


Did everyone make it to Friday okay? I sure did - now it's home free for a whole week!
The funny thing for me when I'm on break from school, though, is that not much changes! I still work MWF, and if it wasn't winter I'd be working all week!

This morning had some new guests - and a good thing, because otherwise it would have been very repetitive! Not that I'm complaining, but you guys might get a little bored ;)

Ironically, not one of the jams from yesterday. This one's been chillin' out in my cupboard for a while. It was time to break out that and Cinnamon Raisin Swirl for my Coconut Plum Brekkie Bowl.

In the Mix: 2 T. Spelt Hot Cereal, 2 T. TVP, 1 T. Wheat Bran, 1/2 c. brewed coffee, 1/4 c. almondmilk, goji berries, cinnamon, vanilla, 3/4 diced plum, 1/2 pkt. sun crystals
On the Top: the same yogurt-chia seed icing from yesterday, plum jam, cinnamon raisin swirl PB, flax, raisins, and caramelized plum & coconut.


I think the plums I picked up still need a couple more days to get nice & juicy-ripe, though. 

I've had a couple questions on the so-called yogurt chia seed "icing," and realized I never really addressed it.
Basically, I prepare approximately equal parts almond milk and plain greek yogurt, mix it together, and then add in chia seeds, allowing the chia seeds to soak up some of the mixture, but not so much that it gets to the consistency of normal pudding or yogurt. I love the texture of the chia seeds prepared this way - and find normal yogurt too thick and...well, weird...on top of oats.
If I'm making a large batch to get me through a couple mornings (and bites throughout the day!) I just do a basic mix of the yogurt, milk, chia seeds, and then some vanilla and/or maple syrup or jam for sweetener, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and sometimes acai powder.
It's also really good with pumpkin puree, mashed banana, anything!

What are your favorite uses for Chia seeds?

This was a really good batch - but I say that all the time!
I love the Spelt, and the PB was amazing, too! I was expecting it to be more raisin-y, but I just realized a few minutes ago after I was helping myself to more that they're mostly on the bottom - so next time I use it I need to be sure to stir!

Self explanitory leftovers. I meant to grab half a sweet potato I had left or make the last naan dough up to go with it, but totally forgot. As it was, as much as it looks, it was not enough and I was ravenous by the time the day was done!
An Apple Walnut SoyJoy bar was broken into on my drive home. Always prepared with the snackage! The apple walnut flavor is actually really good. My first soyjoy bar was raisin almond, and some of you may remember my on-the-fence opinion on it. The parmesan cheese really weirded me out, too. But this apple-walnut one didn't have a strange after-taste at all, and the apple flavor was naturally apple-y, not artificially at all, like some bars can be. Overall - I recommend! 

I came home and prepared a three-peat dinner:

The last of the noodles, last of the sugar snap peas, last piece of naan dough, and half of a leftover sweet potato. And some almond mozzarella on top for fun and because it is so dang delicious.
I think that is my favorite shirataki recipe thus far. And I loved having that naan dough at my disposal! I will have to be making more soon :)

Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?
I may need to bake up some of my carrot-bran muffins. I'm all out! I like having them with my nightime snack. That or I may try my hand at some sort of raw cookie. I've never made them before. I usually just help myself to a handful of dates :P

And also, a question for other bloggies: I've been hearing lots about wordpress being much more beneficial in the long run versus blogspot. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Those of you who have gone from one to the other, or have thought about it as well? Would love some opinions :)

I'm thinking about doing a fun giveaway soon, too! Any thoughts? I realize I'm far from a "big" blog, - but I think a fun little "vermont pride" giveaway will be fun - especially since I really appreciate you guys who do read on a daily basis. Even when I'm boring, like today :)


  1. What do you do with the other half of toast? And your dinner looks scrumptious even if it does have sweet tato in. Cheese just makes everything better :)

  2. lol, I've wondered if people ever think it's strange that I usually just eat half a piece!

    I just end up eating it later. It seems wierd, but this is also just an hour or so after I've eaten breakfast. I'm not hungry exactly, I just want to get some more calories, protein & healthy fats in before my day. For me, a banana and half a piece of toast with some dates, pb, and jam is just fine :) That and I like combining a bunch of different things rather than, say, one big piece of toast, so having half pieces in a bag doesn't bother me. I get the best of all worlds!
    And you don't like sweet potatoes?! gasp! :P

  3. Okay, if you plan to blog for a long time, switch to wordpress immediately, asap! It'll be less painful to switch early than later. Wordpress is infinitely better than blogspot! I used to be in blogspot, but I switched to wordpress and so glad I did! If you do self-host you can get a lot of widgets...and also, wordpress just looks cleaner, and you can "spy" on your readers with site stats, and the commenting is just way easier...for example, if I were to comment on your blogspot site, I'll have to leave that annoying word verification, but wordpress doesn't ask for that; it automatically detects spam.

    Make the switch to wordpress. It's just so much better! :-)

  4. That PB looks so good and I'm very jealous! I always like reading your blog by the way!

    I'm not sure about the wordpress thing. I think maybe it's a bit nicer in the sense that it's more user friendly and you can customize it more, but I do like the fact that blogger has the blogger reader and you can follow people...I don't really care for google reader.

  5. Oh Yes! A Vermont pride giveaway sounds awesome. I bet you could come up with some great stuff. I think all your meals look great, this is in no way a boring post :) Your brekkie sounds great. I have never had chia seeds but really need to try them, people rave about them! Yogurt chia seed icing....yummmm.