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Monday, February 15, 2010

One of those Days...

Today was kinda  one of those days that just remind you we're all human :)
You know...everything's going great for a couple weeks, and then you get a day where it seems like nearly everything that can go wrong, does? Ehhhh, well. 
It started out fair enough:

It was kinda like a trip to the tropics, actually!
Mixed in with the oatmeal was banana, sliced pineapple, and goji berries.
And on the top?  Flax, toasted coconut, toasted macadamia nuts, sliced banana, raisins, chia-seed yogurt "icing," pomegranate-strawberry jam, and Naturally Nutty Choco Coconut P.B.

It was quite colorful underneath, too - I took a photo but it was blurry. Should have taken that as a hint...

Afterwards, packed up a lunch consisting of a sweet potato & tomato pita panini, an orange, sugar snap peas, carrot sticks, and homemade trailmix.

The rest of my morning banana and a half a slice of bakery spelt bread with A.B. and pomegranate-strawberry jam for the car ride in, too. Why half? For some strange reason, the other half got stuck in the toaster and started smoking. Uh, whaaa? I guess I sliced it a bit uneven. Oh well. I wasn't hungry, I just wanted it. lol. An added boost to my day, if you will.

Work started out okay...I shot an artist reproduction all by myself (involved a lot of light fidgeting and I've only done it twice before) so I was pretty proud, even though someone came in looking to have their passport taken while I was right in the middle of shooting, so of course I had to hurriedly disassemble the repro-lighting set-up to get the lighting right for a portrait/passport to shoot that. Shoot the passport, re-assemble the lighting, shoot the painting, and again disassemble the repro lighting to re-assemble the passport/portrait lighting. Oi. It's good practice.
I guess. haha.
So that wasn't too bad. But then it happened.
It? you ask?
Well. I seem to have a knack for being the one using technology when it decides to finally...uh...kaput.

I was happily retouching and printing photos from the Mac, when I turn around to grab a print off the printer to put on the dry-rack. Next thing you know, I turn around and there is a message saying "You need to restart your computer now." In about five different languages, and unlike any message I have ever seen before.
My "project" boss had just left for the day because his sister-in-law was having a baby. (the one who kinda oversees digital/tech-y jobs and gives me the stuff to work on)
I was going it alone. (well, with my other boss - runs the business, but not as UTD with the digital projects & such)

After much googling, I discover it is a kernel panic, which has to do with incompatible RAM or software, or a severely corrupt hard-drive. Cool, right? Well, let me tell you, I was in a kernel panic for the better part of the day. When I left it was still a very unhappy Mac, so I guess we'll find out Wednesday what the word is.

To make matters worse: An order came through that needed to be printed off of that Mac that the customer needed tonight. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be happening. I had a feeling that would happen.

But hey - dinner would make everything better, right? Salmon tonight. I love salmon! And I'd do a Maple-Ginger glaze. Mmmm! I love maple! and Ginger!

Uhh, okay...I love ginger in moderation. Unfortunately, I had a minor accident with the ginger shaker and added way too much. Like, a nearly unbearable amount. Pretty sure I only kept eating in efforts to convince myself that it wasn't that bad. really wasn't that great. The good part of this meal? The orange slices. And the salmon was okay when I scraped the glaze off. heh...

However, I think my "hey you're human" day is turning around after all. I just found another bag of butterscotch chips in the cupboard. And I made a piece of Spelt toast without burning it. You'd best believe I'm enjoying a bowl of warmed-up applesauce with P.B. and butterscotch chips, and some spelt toast with PB & J :) Pretty sure I'll be nomming my way through the night, though - I tend to do that when I'm unhappy with my dinner because I feel like i was ripped off, food-wise. lol.

Pretty excited to be watching the downhill skiing now - these guys are crazy! Did anyone else catch the men's moguls last night? My knees hurt just watching. Pretty insane, pretty awesome.

AND! We're finally supposed to get a minor snow storm tomorrow! It's been far too long since Vermont's seen guys in the South are hogging it all this year!

On a relatively unrelated note:What's your favorite jam, jelly, or preserve?
Brand or flavor :)
I love finding interesting new jams and preserves...kind of like a nut-butter obsession but different...though I'm pretty sure I'm beginning a nut-butter obsession, too!


  1. I'm sorry to hear you had a not so good day :( Tomorrow will be a brand new and better day!

    I love fig jam! You don't see it too much in the U.S. but in the 2 and a half months I went to Argentina, I ate it pretty much every single day! Delicious! I think I need some new jams too!! What kind do you like?

  2. exxactly - the way I see it, now that I've got the bad day out of the way, I've got a couple weeks to not worry about another one! haha. And I mean really. It could have been much worse :P It's just kind of ironic/comical when a bunch of minor-moderate things all happen at once!

    Oh my GOSH - I would DIE for a fig jam! I adore figs - now I know what to keep my eyes peeled for! lol.
    This pomegranate strawberry jam I've got is really, really good, and I also have a blueberry cherry open at the moment which is possibly even better! I've got plum that I'm quite eager to try also. I'm definitely more of a jam or preserves kinda gal ;) I am interested to try mint jelly, however...

  3. I love starting out my days with tropical flavors. Reminds of being back home with my parents in Florida. Everything is so fresh and delicious.

    I'm glad your day started to turn around for the better though! I had that happen to my Mac once and it was a blessing in disguise. Although I did need to get my schoolwork done, I noticed how much time I actually spend on the computer vs doing other things.

    What's your favorite jam, jelly, or preserve? Hmm I do love McCutcheon's pumpkin butter AND Mymoune's Crème of Dates with Almonds (DELISH!) I am also a fan of fig jams + boysenberry. Yumyum

    p.s. so glad I've discovered your blog :D

  4. Oh no, I'm sorry about your rough day! If it makes you feel any better I always love your breakfast photos, the lighting and colors are wonderful...very calm and somehow Scandinavian...

    As for jam I'm a bit of a traditionalist and enjoy strawberry preserves...sometimes blueberry. My husband love ginger jam though...I know they have it England, it has bits of crystallized ginger in it, sounds like something you might like!

  5. My favorite jam is citrus/ ginger/ rum. I buy it at a little shop that sells products made by nuns to sustain their convent. It's delicious! incredibly delicious....
    Otherwise I like vanilla chestnut butter, especially on crepes....

    Hope today is be a better day for you. Sorry yesterday turned out so bad!

  6. Wait - you live in Vermont? What part?! I absolutely love love LOVE Vermont.