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Friday, February 12, 2010


Is everyone super happy it's Friday? I know I'd be lying if I said I wasn't! I'm also super excited for the start of the Olympics. Finally something good on television!
This morning started with another ridiculous bowl of Toasted Coconut Gingerbread Oats with Choco-Mocha "Icing". I think it's safe to say I've been going a little overboard with the toppings as of late, no? hehe.

At least it's still kind of healthy though, right? It just feels like cheating :P
I'm totally loving the whole molasses/gingerbread flavor. And hey - blackstrap molasses just so happens to be an excellent source of iron and calcium! How ya like them apples?

The usual mix with heaping 1/8 t. each ginger, nutmeg, ground clove, and cinnamon; vanilla extract, and 1.5 t. molasses. 
Topped with 2 t. coconut (toasted) toasted walnuts, goji berries, crystallized ginger, banana, wheat germ, raisins, and a maraschino cherry, just for good measure!
The Chia-Seed Yogurt Pudding "Frosting" of the day was brewed coffee, almond milk, chia seeds, greek yogurt, unsweetened organic cocoa-powder, and a splash of agave

*deep breath* phew! that was a mouthful!

Lunch was a repeat from the past couple days, yet still hasn't gotten old! I actually froze the meatballs so they kept pretty well. Still enough for one more delicious turkey buffalo wrap, too. 

Work actually went by pretty quickly today, just slowing down towards the end of the day so I ended up leaving a half hour early. It was a beautiful day outside so I took the opportunity to walk a package down to the post office. I love being able to take a short walk during work, even though the wind did get quite chilly after a couple minutes! Oh, well. The sun was gorgeous, and I can't help but to smile when it's out. The weather has such a huge impact on my mood, I think moreso than most people.
How much does the weather affect your mood?

I came home to a surprise!

Aside from my Naturally Nutty shipment coming in, my mom was thinking of me when she saw these at the Discount Foods Store! Sure, the cans are dented but who cares? They're not expired yet, and will certainly be consumed before that date, anyway. I was mourning to her about the pumpkin shortage awhile ago, but she remembered...and I've been dying to try the S'mores Z Bars. 
She's too good to me :)

Dinner tonight was a good one, too! Even though I only got home about 20 minutes earlier than usual, I just felt like I had so much more time to cook! It was quite nice. This is another "how is this healthy" meal from me, haha. Sure, I'm not saying it's a prime example of health food by any means, but food can certainly get much junkier than this, too. And I've finally finished those scallops! hah.

Garlicky Scallops & Butter Beans with Bacon
For One

2 slices raw bacon
~3/4 c. raw scallops with their juice
1/2 c. canned butter beans, undrained
1/8 c. each: diced scallions, diced red bell pepper, diced red onion
2 sundried tomatoes, diced
1.5 t. minced garlic
1 t. honey mustard
salt & pepper

1. Defrost scallops in microwave, do not drain liquid from bowl. Microwave bacon on paper towel-covered plate for 45 sec, blot away excess grease, and chop into medium-sized pieces, trimming away excess fat.

2. Over low heat, begin sauteeing the minced garlic in a non-stick pan drizzled lightly with olive oil (alternatively, I'm sure you could omit the EVOO and microwaving the bacon, and instead use the bacon grease in place of EVOO. I declined on the notion.) Add the scallops & their liquid as well as the bacon, scallions, pepper, and onion. Season with honey mustard, salt and pepper, and allow scallops and bacon to finish cooking thoroughly.

3. Once thickened some and scallops and bacon is cooked, add the beans and sundried tomatoes.

4. Plate!
I cut and then toasted a pita with some garlic, and served with a side of "burnt broccoli," as well, and topped with some parmesan. Delish!

If only burnt broccoli looked as appetizing as it tastes. It's my favorite way to eat broccoli! So much better than just steaming or microwaving it.

This was a really good meal. Next time? I'll be making some homemade Naan rather than the pita!

Is anyone else excited to have the Olympics to watch?
What sport are you most looking forward to?
I  can't wait to watch the snowboarding. Ice skating is exciting, too. ( the racing )


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving your feedback. I love scallops and this dish looks delicious and easy to prepare. Looking forward to sharing recipes.

  2. Weather definitely effects my mood! I think that was why I was sort of down today! Stress doesn't help either though!
    I love that you put cherries on your oats! It's so bright and happy looking :)

  3. I love to mix chia into vanilla yogurt -- I've never gotten quite as creative as you in terms of adding other mix-in's, too.