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Saturday, January 9, 2010


It is getting so cold out! The house keeps "talking" to us. It's -6 already.
Yet, surprisingly, this morning I opted for a chilly brekkie!

Chobani, blueberries, banana, and Kashi warm cinamon sprinkled with some pumpkin pie spice & syrup. With a side of homemade spelt toast and of course, coffeeee!
This was a first for me...I don't usually crave yogurt at breakfast, but this morning I woke up without really wanting anything...just something! Rare for me. Finally I decided some Greek yogurt and a bunch of fruit would hit the spot.
After, I needed to run some errands in town, involving cleaning the office I do, and run to the post office, price chopper, and Subway for the rents. Still too early for me to think of lunch and having snacked on the remaining banana and taste-testing one of the new bars I'd picked up (a Honey Graham Clif MOJO bar - delicious, indeed!) I decided to go play with my new camera!

HDRs from around the block. Check out my flickr for the rest!
Aaandd, pretty sure I'm in love. Still so much to learn (still tweaking the WB for indoor shots. For some reason, I just can't get it right?) but I'd been dying to try out the bracketing/mult. exposure feature it has so I could do some HDRs.
After this rendezous, I was absolutely frozen. I kept shooting until I could hardly feel my fingers, getting back in the truck and driving to the next interesting location, where I would once again get out and repeat the freezing procedure. Brrr! Had to warm up somehow:

Pita w/ tuna salad & my fav sugar snap peas!
And a nice warm cup of coffee :) The tuna salad was awesome, I must say: carrots, celery, pickles, tuna, grape tomatoes, a fried egg (an awesome shortcut for a hardboiled egg, btw!) and scallion, with chive tzatziki and dijon mustard for "dressing." Shoved copious amounts in a Joseph's pita with romaine and thrown on the Georgie! Poifect.
FOTOS were being uploaded while consumption was taking place, and I surfed for a new spelt bread recipe. My findings successful, photos uploaded, and belly full, I hunkered down to go through everything. Eventually, it was snack time...

soo cozy! and, shocker: spelt toast and coffee? hah.
Also, a Kashi Pumpkin Pie TLC Bar!  I broke eventually to make more bread (addicted, much?) and before I knew it, it was time for dinner! I get so absorbed in photo editing, and the fire was so cozy. Dinner was tricky at first: I had NO gameplan, once again! I don't know what's up with my appetite lately. I get hungry but don't feel like I crave anything in particular. I like knowing what I want, dang it! haha. Finally settled on fried polenta with some chicken sausage, but then remembered I had some bulghur wheat! And immeditely had to cook up a stir fry of sorts. Finally, decisions!

See the icky white balance? lo siento...
Bulghur wheat, cajun andoille chicken sausage, peas, carrots, tomatoes, and an egg. I love chicken fried bulghur! :P
Snacked on an orange followed shortly thereafter by a baked apple and soon to be bedtime. Ohhh, Saturdays...

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