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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hi, I am a lens addict...

I've had camera equipment on my mind nonstop lately!
I bought a battery grip for the new camera a couple days ago and am eagerly awaiting its' arrival. Now I'm searching for a 300mm zoom lens. I have an okay 200mm lens that did what I needed it to last year, but now I'd like to upgrade. There are just so many choices! You camera geeks: do you prefer the Nikon D, G, or VR series? I'm leaning towards VR, but the D also interests me so that I can use it on my film camera as well.
But back to the food!

I <3 my Keurig Brewer! Timothy's Irish Cream today.

Who would have guessed; Greek yogurt and camera lenses?!
I warned you all that I am a creature of habit! Sorry for the yucky photos today. It's always dark at my meal times on days I work! Makes for unpleasant fotografs.
Typically I don't like surfing the web while I eat breakfast - it makes me not want to get ready! But I caved this morning.

Lunch packed = delicious leftovers. I swear those Joes are better the next day! They did need more Frank's though. I took it easy on the hot sauce since I'm the only  spicy foods lover of the family - if I were to make these for just myself, I think I would have doubled the Frank's! I also snacked on Wheat Thins flatbreads and an Apple Cinnamon Clif Z-Bar. I think I am in love. These bars are soooo chewy and oaty and amazing!

I had to run to the Price Chopper near work to pick up some VitaTops; I've been craving them and the PC 5 minutes away doesn't carry them :\ Nor do they carry my beloved Newman's Own Honey Flax Flakes, which is kind of a pain. I make it work. Whilst there I took a peek at the rest of the frozen foods aisle because I wanted to see what they offered for organic/healthy(ish) frozen dinners. Hey, cut me some slack. I can't remember the last time I've had a frozen dinner, and I was kind of craving one! That price chopper actually had a pretty impressive selection of Kashi and Amy's dinners as well as a large "health foods" section in general, but I spotted some organic chicken egg rolls and realized I had to have an egg roll. I don't know where the craving came from so suddenly. hah! I can't remember the name, but I proudly left price chopper carrying two vita-top boxes, egg rolls, and Kashi TLC Raspberry Graham cereal bars. (I have a bar addiction :\ ) I use self checkout during these instances because I feel like a cashier would think I'm strange. Everything was advertising how many calories they had!
I had one of the Kashi bars on the commute home (it takes me at least 45 minutes to get to and from work) and was impressed. Clif may have some competition...

Turns out I was lucky to have picked those up, too; I would have been happy with Sloppy Joes, Round 3, but they were long gone, as expected. And these turned out to be quite good! Didn't taste greasy or overly processed whatsoever and the chicken was actually all-natural. The ingredients weren't bad at all, but I did nix the duck sauce. They're probably pretty high in sodium, too. Forgot to look at the sodium content since it doesn't typically concern me as much as everything else, but salt was pretty high in the ingredients list! Oh well.
Currently munching on a baked chopped apple and a cran-bran vita top. mmm!

Apple con raisins, granola, syrup, and cinnamon.
I am free from work requirements tomorrow, which means I'm in charge for dinner again :) Will probably have salmon or tilapia. What are some of your favorite fish recipes? I have two I love that I'm sure I'll be sharing in the not-so-distant future, but am always looking for more; love salmon and tilapia!

Favorite photo of the day?
I can't chose just one from Miliken Gardener's flickr photostream! Can you?!

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