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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Could Have Been, Should Have Been

Let's play a game, shall we?
Lets call it "How Your Day Should Have Gone, Vs. How It Actually Went".
1. Should have: Woken up around 7:30-8, make delicious breakfast before going into Rutland to clean the office and have the Jeep's oil changed and brakes looked at.
Actually Went: Successfully!

Maybe this doesn't look successful, but I made some Breakfast TVP/Bulgur "Oatmeal".
In the Bowl: 2 T. TVP, 2 T. Bulgur Wheat, 1 T. Wheat Bran, brought to a boil with 1/4 c. Soy Milk, 1/4 c. Water, blueberries, cinnamon, nutmeg, poppyseeds, and orange zest. Topped with strawberry preserves and served with 1 orange  and Green Mountain Gingerbread Coffee.

2. Should Have: Run into Hannaford's while in Rutland to see if they have Chia Seeds, if time between cleaning and car appointment. Save "real" grocery shopping for the way home.
What Actually Happened: Don't find Chia seeds, but buy a million other goodies that remind you how much you love Hannaford's. Remember mother's complaints of not having a single potato chip for months, and scope out the naturals munchie section, too.

Totally hopped on the Justin's Nut Butter single-serve packet boat, and have been really wanting to try the SoyJoy bars. P.Chop carries neither of these products. Also picked up Oikos, because it's my fave Greek yogurt, and P.Chop only carries Chobs and Brown Cow. Scoped out Better'n'Peanut Butter and snatched it up in a heartbeat upon realization that the ingredients are legit. Baked potato chips and amazing Snyder's Oat Bran Pretzels, along with even more amazing bulk-section Veggie chips. If you think these will last until this time tomorrow, I believe you are sadly mistaken. Jumped with joy upon seeing pears for 99 cents a pound, and bananas on sale as well. And Quorn chik'n tenders - to make an appearance shortly.
Um, did I mention I love Hannaford? This was me exercising self control, too.

3. Should Have: Gotten in and out of shop by 1:00 at the latest - noon appointment, and only getting an oil change and a quote for brake rotor and pad repair.
Actually Happened: Watch as multiple other customers come and go for simple oil changes. Finally get an update at 1:15, and am shown a torn apart Jeep and brake pads that have fallen apart. Learn that brakes need to be replaced today. Should be ready in an hour, though!

4. Should Have: Been leaving shop and heading home, stopping at Price Chopper because I failed to get anything I needed to get at Hannaford's.
What Happened: Due to delay, walk down the street to Big Lots. Maybe they'll have a cute bowl or mug or something. And hey! Sometimes they get random, neat organic food products!
Consequence of What Actually Happened:

Nearly have a heart attack upon seeing bulk Kashi products for next to nothing. Um, hello two boxes of H2H for $5, two boxes of GoLen for $5, and all those granola bars for $7. And some yummy plum preserves from Switzerland. There was even some Kashi Honey Sunshine that I almost got, but exercised moderate self control and said no. I've never had Honey Sunshine...
I guess I did a little emotional shopping.
The hilarity of this?
Walking back down the road and into the shop carrying a huge big-lots bag full of these Kashi boxes. I was seriously doing all I could to not laugh ridiculously. I think I just had this stupid smile/laugh going on. haha.

5. Should Have: Been about ready to leave the shop after successfully killing a tad over an hour at BigLots.
Instead, I: waited another hour. Debated gnawing my arm off. Debated asking if I could get some food out of Jeep. Walked to Dunkin' to get a coffee, debated an egg white flat bread. Decided against it, and resorted to breaking into a giant box of cereal right in the shop lobby. Finally, see Jeep go on Test Drive.

6. Should Have: Been told Jeep is now a picture of good health. Go home.
Instead, I: am told I have a leaking rear axle seal, and the E-brakes will probably need replacing too. Get keys. Start heading back home. It's 4:00. Start thinking about dinner, and get idea for Curried Pumpkin & Black-Bean Chik'n with Noodles. Stop at P.Chop for veggies and remaining items on list.

7. Should Have: Gotten in and out of P.Chop. I knew what I needed. And dang, was dinner ever calling my name.
Instead, I: was relatively successful, even if a meal switch took place:

8.Should Have: Made pumpkin-black bean curry with chik'n tenders and shirataki noodles.
Instead, I: Resorted to a store-bought [yet all-natural! and awesome!] coconut-curry sauce. Abandoned original "game plan" and just threw every leftover veggie in the fridge in said dish. I guess I combine ten different cuisines when I'm hungry. Stuck to chik'n, black bean, and noodle idea.

9. Should Have: Enjoyed an amazing dinner.
Mission Accomplished.

Simmered broccoli and green pepper in Good Housekeeping Good FoodCoconut-Chili Curry Sauce. Season with s&p, chili powder, and garlic powder. Add 1 c. Quorn Chik'n Tenders, 1/4 c. Kidney Beans, and 1 pkg. Tofu Shirataki Fettucine Noodles. Continued to simmer, and then added 1 Roma Plum Tomato. Serve!

Quorn Chik'n = amazing. If I was told it was chicken, I would believe it.


words not required, but a chocolate p.b. coooooookie is involved.

So that's my day. How were your days?! Hopefully they went as planned :)

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